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The Phantom of the Ace: A Phantom of the Opera Chopper

Stefan Boman Photography

A few ago weeks I did a two different articles on a pair of custom choppers, one known as the Purple Queen and the other a Sportster Chopper.  These choppers were built by my friend of mine named Peter Ström. While building these bikes, Peter had a good amount of help from his friend Kenta Falkerd, who owns Ace Performance; a chopper shop based in Sweden. Kenta has been building custom bikes for years and a few years ago Kenta built a one of his best bikes, a Knucklehead chopper named the Phantom Ace!

Kenta was inspired to build this Knucklehead chopper after he first saw the Phantom of the Opera on TV and later saw it in Theaters. After watching it, he couldn’t get the Phantom out of his head! All he could think about was the dark Phantom and his mysterious white mask. Since it kept on lingering in his head, Kenta decided that he was going to build a chopper based around the Phantom of the Opera!

There she sits, dark and mysterious! (Photo Property of Stefan Boman Photography)

When the build began, the first thing Kenta did was call up his friend and bike painter Brundin. He asked Brundin if he would be able to paint his upcoming Chopper with theme based off of the Phantom of the Opera. He was interested in Kenta’s idea and he would get started on coming up with a paint scheme.

Kenta then began working on building the chopper, the first thing he did was design a frame. When he started welding together the frame he soon released that the frame was too long, so he had to make a few changes from his original plan. The result was a handmade and hand welded frame that has a 50 degree rake and a 6 + 6 Stretch. Kenta then took a set of “Mr. More” springer forks that have a length of 28 inches.

Kenta then took a West Coast Choppers gas tank and modified it to make it slightly larger. He then took several pipes of metal and created custom handle bars from scratch. Keeping with the Phantom of the Opera theme, he needed the handle bars to look simple, yet menacing at the same time much like the phantom. The result was a set of custom handle bars that look like they are a cross between Ape Hanger and Bad Boy handle bars.

The modified West Coast Choppers gas tank that has been marked with the Phantom’s mask. (Property of Stefan Boman Photography)

The next thing Kenta did was he dished out a custom rear fender from sheet metal; the rear fender has a smoothed and chopped look. He then welded together a sissy bar that follows the shape of the fender and he also added a small bell that hangs on the end of it. (Phantom of the Opera reference?). He then added a Cyclone headlight to the front of the bike to help achieve a classic look since this headlight resembles a classic Harley-Davidson headlight. He also added a taillight from a 1959 Cadillac to the rear of the chopper.

The bell that hangs on the edge of the Sissy Bar. (Property of Stefan Boman Photography)

The beast that powers this custom chopper is a Harley-Davidson 103 cubic inch Knucklehead engine that is hooked up to Zodiac 6 speed transmission that has been modified with a Robbans Speed Shop closed primary and a BDL clutch. The engine also has handmade custom exhaust pipes that were made by Kenta and Ace Performance. The next thing Kenta did was take pipe bends that were originally going to be used for a styling bar on his Chevy truck and make an oil tank for the motor out of them.

Kenta then placed the bike on top of a set of 120 spoke wheels, A 21 inch wheel in the front and an 18 inch wheel in the rear. The front wheel is surrounded by an Avon tire and the rear is surrounded by a Metzeler tire. The rider sits on a saddle that is a combination of a Redneck Engineering seat pan and Bilekiperingen leather. The rider shifts the bike with Ace Performance foot pegs and controls and controls the throttle with Tolle hand controls.

There are a few hidden Phantom of the Opera references in this picture. Can you find them?

One of the things I really love about this chopper is that it’s full of small and hidden details. Every time I look at a picture of the Phantom of the Ace I notice something new about it. Such as a phrase from the movie that has been painted on the frame or another one of the many Ace accents that are on the bike. Just like the Phantom, this chopper is full of surprises!

The Phantom of the Ace is a bike that is full of class and style! This is the kind of chopper that you want to ride while you look nice, it’s the kind of bike you would take to a 5 star lounge or a luxury night club. It’s the kind of bike that would fit in wheel driving down Venice or a fancy European town.

Kenta and His work of Art. (Property of Stefan Boman Photography)

Kenta set out to build a chopper that was Dark and Mysterious like the Phantom of the Opera. Who would of ever taught that one of the most famous Musicals of all time would inspire one of the most beautiful Choppers of our generation!

The Phantom of the Ace: A chopper that is Mysterious and full of Luxury!


A Swedish Sportster Chopper

swedish sportster chopper

I am very proud to announce Kustoms and Choppers Magazine’s first international feature on a Chopper. This bike is a custom Sportster Chopper that is owned by a man named Peter Strom and it comes all the way in Sweden. Peter built this Scandinavian beauty of bike with his friend Kenta, who owns Ace Performance in Stockholm, Sweden.

Peter’s Sportster chopper is built on a Calles Chopperdelar frame that was custom fabricated to Peter’s specific specifications. The frame has a 39 degree rake which helps the chop achieve a more masculine and rugged appearance. The frame has also been stretched by 3 inches to help achieve a classic chopper look. On top of the frame sits a one of a kind 4.1 gallon “Choppertank” gas tank which has a British style snap on gas cap.

You gotta Love the Hot Rod pinstripping on the gas tank!

The rear fender is a Paul Yaffe “Fatty” rear fender that was chopped which was done to give the bike a stripped down look. The front end is an Ultima Fork with Järnhästen tripple trees. The bike is steered by a set of Fred Koldin custom ape hanger “Bonanza” handle bars.

This pinstripping was done so well! It was all done by hand!

One of the features that I really liked on this bike was the headlight. The headlight is made by Jammer Cycle and it is their “Retro” model. It’s a unique headlight because the speedometer sits inside of the light. It makes a great part for those who live in an area where speedometers are required and don’t want to have one on their gas tank. The saddle of the chopper is a Crime Scene Choppers Hard Ass seat.

Best way to get around speedometer laws! It looks great too!

The Chopper sits on a pair of 60 spoke wheels that are 21 inches in the front and 18 inches in the rear. These wheels are wrapped in a set of Avon tires with a 90 size in the front and a 200 in the rear.

Peter’s chopper is powered by a Harley-Davidson Evolution motor which sits inside of the frame. The motor has been modified with a CV Carburetor and a Ram Flow air filter and it’s  hooked up to a Harley-Davidson transmission. The Evolution breathes out through a set of custom FSD Design Inferno pipes.

The Evolution motor and its custom exhaust!

The riders shifts and rests his feet on a set of HD Mid controls which are unique since most choppers use  forward controls these controls have been customized with Battistini pegs.

The bikes hot rod inspired flat black paint job and hot rod pinstripping was hand done by a very talented painter and pinstripper named Juri Hagland.

When Peter first sent pictures of this chopper I was blown away with amazement. I was amazed by how clean and professionally done this bike looks! Peter wanted to built this bike because he heard the famous phrase that many stock  HD guys have said over the years “Sportsters are for girls!” This inspired him to set out and building one of the most aggressive and sexy looking choppers made from a Harley-Davidson sportster.

She’s ready for a ride

His bike was heavily inspired by builder Tom Foster and his Captain Insane bike as well as Jesse James’ and his famous El Diablo choppers. Custom Hot Rods were also a large inspiration as shown by the flat black paint job and pinstripping.

So far Peter has rode this bike over 20000 KM all over Sweden as well as winning the 2010 and 2011 Easy Rider competitions. Not only did he build a great Swedish chopper, he built a true American Hot Rod.

Peter riding across the back roads of Sweden. Who knows where this bike will take him next.



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