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Redneck Choppers Reps Ride

Redneck Reps Ride front side

Redneck Choppers, you probably have heard of them or at least seen one of these choppers at a show.  They are a brand known for their affordable prices, duct-tape engineering and a brand with a lot of humor! This Chopper is owned by Mike Marquart of South Dakota as Reps Ride and is built using Redneck Engineering’s GettinHigh frame.

You might be a Redneck... Actually it looks clean and not what I would expect for Redneck Engineering

The famous or not so Famous GettinHigh Chopper from Redneck Engineering. THis GettinHigh frames have been popular frames for the past few years now, they are affordable, durable and most importantly they look bad as hell!

Reps Ride is built on a Standard Gettinhigh Frame with a 48 degree Rake, 8″ up and 5″ out stretch. The Front End is a Redneck Mid Duece (not sure if that is an error or intentional) Front end with 10 over. The Handle Bars are Redneck Billy handle bars.

I think my picture of Redneck Engineers has changed after seeing this bike!

Reps Ride has a Redneck King gas tank, and a custom built Redneck fender on the rear. This is sitting on a Weld Smoothie 18″8.5 rear wheel with a 250 tire and a CCI/West Coast 2″2.5 front wheel. The wheels have HHI 4 front and rear brakes for stopping power.

All of this hardware is powered by a 100 Revtec motor with a Andrews EV38 Cam and for delivery Mikuni HSR 42 Carb. The power is hooked up to a Revtec 6 speed transmission with a BDL 3 inch primary. The exhaust is a Grumpys One Off.

The Revtech 100 that supplies the power to this trailerpark beast!

The Flame and Silver Paint is done by Billy Hudson.

Mike’s Reps Ride is just a classic looking chopper, it really demonstrates what can be done with the Redneck Engineering Frame. Its High, its long and its overall a great looker!

Mike's Reps Ride looking like a best in show!

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