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3 Things to Look Forward to on Hot Rod Drag Week 2012

Joe Barry and his 56 Chevy. (Photo: Hot Rod Magazine)

Hot Rod Drag Week is the one event that grassroots drag racers with home built cars look forward to all year. It is a week of fast muscle cars, burnouts, powerful hot rods and a week that gives drivers a chance to live like they are in Two Lane Blacktop! In the Drag Weeks of the past we have seen record breaking runs, cars meeting the wall, wheel stands, Larry Larson breaking into the 6′s and several other exciting moments .You can expect all of these things to happen as well as a few other things to loof forward to during the 2012 Hot Rod Drag Week.

3. A large Variety of Cars- When drag week first started that cars that made up most of the pack were Chevelles, Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers, Novas, Roadrunners and Tri-Five Chevy’s. While these cars are still common sights at drag week,¬† in the last few years a large variety of cars featuring Wagons, 80′s F-Bodies, Late model Challengers, British cars, Dodge Demons, Pickup Trucks and several other cars including a few SUVs! So expect to see a large variety of cars racing this year.

2. Plenty of Heads Up Racing- Even though Index classes are fun and great for the drivers racing in them they can be a little boring for us spectators since the race ends up seeming more like a bracket race. Most of the racing during Drag Week (with the exception of the Daily Driver class) is nothing but heads up. You can expect all of the racers to put all of their blood, sweet and muscle into pushing their cars to their limits to be the fast street car in the world.

1. New records to be set- Expect plenty of new records to be set then quickly broken several¬† times during the week! Expect Larry Larson to push the envelope even further into the high 6′s, expect Joe Barry, Jeff Lutz, and the other Unlimited class racers to give Larry some competition and make the Unlimited class a challenge! Expect the Pro Street, Super Street and Modified classes to have some records that will be set as well!

I have a strong feeling that Hot Rod Drag Week 2012 is going to be one of the most exciting years yet! As all of these Hot Rodders cruise down Americas highways and race down her blacktop Drag strips, only time well tell what we can expect during this event and celebration of Hot Rods and Drag racing this week.


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