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Jesse James Outlaw Garage |

Jesse James Outlaw Garage Premiere


Way back in April I did a review for Jesse James’ special that aired on Discovery that was known as Jesse James Outlaw Garage. For those who never saw it, the show featured Jesse and the famous Austin Speed Shop crew custom building a 1932 Ford roadster with a heavy 30’s Gangster car influence. When I reviewed I thought the show was great and should be turned into a full time series, recently my wish has come true. Last night on November 5th 2012, Jesse James Outlaw Garage premiered its pilot episode to launch the new series!

The pilot has picked up right where the April show left off; it features Jesse leading the Austin Speed Shop crew through a hot rod build. This time however, they are building a Hemi powered Ford coupe for a Mystery Customer who’s name was still not revealed at the end.

The way the shows format is set up is that the episode starts with Jesse introducing the build to his team, and then it moves to the early stages of the build then parts of show focus on something going on in Jesse’s life like him going to a big car show in Britain. The show spends its time going back and forth between these two parts of the show. I felt the format works overall but there are still things that I can criticize about it.

The Bad:

Yes there was some bad parts to Outlaw Garage luckily it’s really only on small thing. Though it was only a small portion of the show, there was too much Drama. At one point in the show Jesse and one of his employees get into a heated debate after the employee has a break down because the car isn’t near being finished. While things like this do happen in the real world I feel like the arguing and the yelling takes up time that could be focused on building.

The Good:

There is quite a bit to praise about Outlaw Garage. The show spends most of its time talking about cars whether, it’s the build that is going on or Jesse doing donuts in his Trophy Truck at a car show, cars are the main focus of Outlaw garage which will make any gearhead happy.

Another great part of the show is that we actually get a look at the Austin Speed Shop team building the Hot Rod from scratch as well as seeing them do DIY work such as pulling a transmission from another car (A Mopar Torque flight from a Roadrunner), chopping up the frame on the Ford so the transmission can fit, and channeling the body of the coupe by hand! I think this is great because it shows that the Austin Speed Shop team puts real hard work and effort into their builds. It shows the audience how real Hot Rods are built, which takes more then just ordering parts from online.

Improvements that could be made:

Even though Outlaw Garage was good a show there are a few Improvements that could be made to make it even better!

  1. Focus more on the build itself and less on the drama or the other things going on. Show more DIY hands on building. Show the process of building a traditional hot rod from scratch.
  2. More tech info, the Engine that was used in the build was a 1950’s Chrysler Firepower Hemi. During the show, they did mention what engine it was but they didn’t tell us anything about it! Talk about the motor that is being used and explain why it would make it a great engine to use in the hot rod. Explain everything that is being done on the build such as the channel, and what parts are being used in the engine.
  3. A small How to Segment. The How to Segment doesn’t have to be like Stacey David’s Gearz or Trucks but show the audience a few tips like how to mount an engine, how to clean up rusty body, or how to find a junkyard engine. Just small things like that can make the show even better!

Overall I was impressed with Jesse James Outlaw Garage and I believe it will become a hit show. The Traditional hot rods, Jesse and his crews personalities and the concept of the Mystery customer kept me interested and will keep me coming back for more!

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