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Endeavour Leaves Houston for New Home in California |

Endeavour Leaves Houston for New Home in California

The last two days have been full of Bittersweet Emotion as Space Shuttle Endeavour, one of the most powerful Hot Rods ever built  landed in Houston yesterday. She landed in Houston so she could bid farewell to her Astronatu Crews, NASA Mission Control and the other staff who take amazing care of her will she was in Orbit 240 Miles above the Earth. Mission Control, NASA and the city of Houston said there good byes to the Space Shuttle before she left on her journey to California.

Endeavor taking off from Houston (Photo property of NY Dailynews)

Space Shuttle Endeavour was commissioned to be built in 1987 after the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986. Endeavour was appropriately named after HMS Endeavour the ship Captain James Cook first used to explore the Pacific in the 1700s. She named after this she because like James Cook’s she would help lead a new era of exploration: exploration into the new vast ocean known as Space.

Endeavour flying over Houston

Endeavour is one of the most powerful Hot Rods ever produced, her 3 SSME (Space Shuttle Main Engines) are capable of out running any Blown 426 HEMI or Nitrous Big Block 502 Chevy’s at the Dragstrip as each of them produce over 393,800 pounds of Thrust. Her speed of 17,500 MPH will out run that of any car at Bonneville such as Mickey Thompson’s Challenger, Craig Breedlove’s Spirit of America, Art Arfon’s Blue Flame or Gary Gabelich’s Blue Flame.

During her lifetime, Endeavour completed 25 successful missions in space which include the first service mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as retrieving the Japanese Space Flyer Unit which gathered data about the conditions of space. She is known for docking with the Russian space station MIR and she  played a huge part in the construction of the International Space Station.She has traveled a distance of over 123 million miles while orbiting the over Earth 4,700 times.

This has to be one of the best in Orbit Photos ever taken! This is a picture of Endeavour’s silhouette on mission STS-130 as it approaches the International Space Station. The colors and the silhouette just look amazing! (Photo Property of NASA)

Endeavour was loved by her Astronaut crews, mission control and NASA staff. She played an important role in help advance Space Station Technology and space exploration.

This morning during a beautiful Texas Sunrise she took off one last time into the skies above, with the help of a 747 she flew over the city of Houston saying good bye to the city that has been kind to her and loved her over the last 20 years before disappearing into the Western Horizon.

Space Shuttle Endeavour leaves  on a 747 on it’s last flight for California. (Photo property of Washington Post).


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  1. Brilliant! This is really cool post. Great photos!

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