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Indian Larry's Daddy O |

Indian Larry’s Daddy O

Indian Larry Daddy O left

The other day I did an article about Jesse Jame’s Sturgis Special which was one of the 2 bikes that got me into choppers. The other bike I that got me into Choppers is the late great Indian Larry’s Daddy O! Like many I first saw this Bike on Biker Build Off a few years ago and when I saw it,  I fell in love it at first sight.

I gotta say,  I think that Indian Larry’s Daddy O is the best chopper I have ever seen! It really is a bike built to perfection. The appearance of daddy resembles  a hot rod, which was done because, the bike was built as a tribute to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. All the small details on the bike are amazing, their is so much detail on Daddy O that I notice something different every time I look at it.

Copyright 2004 Michael Lichter

One of the reasons for this is Larry loved detail and liked to do most of the work himself and make his own parts. He made just about every part from the frame, to the fender, to the gas tank to even spoking his own wheels!  He actually said this while building this bike “Y’know I like a bike to look like a hunting watch, when you open up the back you look in there and its all mechanical and gizmos going on and movement going on, you see a lot of little parts in there. Its more of an art than a science building a spoked wheel. To me it says just elegance. ”

The Frame of Daddy O (and all of Larry’s choppers) had to be made perfectly. By Perfectly I mean, when it comes to the geometry of the frame it had to be exactly right so Larry could stand up and balance while cruising.

If Any bike has Elegance its Daddy O

Everything had to have detail from the writing on the transmission belt to the shifter

One of the best features of Daddy O is, the rear Fender. The Fender is actually made out of a Boat Carrier fender! Larry and his crew took a boat carrier fender, cut in half, at a small piece of sheet metal, cut more of it and rear shaped it into the rear fender!

More Detail, with the Rear Fender being made from a boat Carrier fender, a Maltese cross light and the question mark sissy bar (Photo by Spoolhubs)

The other main detail you will notice is the mustang gas tank made by Paco. This gas tank’s shape fits the 60s stripped down shape of the bike Indian Larry was going for.

Of course the other big Detail of Daddy O is its wild Paint job! Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was a crazy artist who pretty much invented air brushing and also invented a lot of crazy characters like Rat Fink who was created because Big Daddy hated Mickey Mouse.

The Paint Job is done by Robert Pradke of Custom Auto Design. Robert wanted to make it look as 60s as possible so the base coat of the paint is Gold Metal Flake. Metal Flake paint was very popular among hot rods in the 60s, so it fits the theme. The Paint also includes the Gasoline Alley Logo and Indian Larry’s name done in gold and silver leaf on the rear fender and true to Ed Roth’s style his Character Rat Fink was airbrushed onto the gas tank.

The Gold and Silver Leaf on the Metal Flake Paint Job by Pradke (Photo by Spoolhubs)


Rat Fink! Notice were it says Mail Box on the right and Beatnik Bandit on the left those aren't just random phrases they are Hot Rods built by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth!

Even though I have said it several times before, I will say it again Indian Larry’s Daddy O is the best Chopper ever made! I don’t think any chopper come close to the hard work, craftsmanship, attention to detail and art that was put into this bike. It really is a one of a kind motorcycle and I don’t think that we will ever see another like it.

Tech Sheet

Year Built: 2003

Builders: Indian Larry, Gasoline Alley Crew (now Indian Larry Motorcycles)

Engine: 88 ci Pandemonium Motor

Frame: Indian Larry Wishbone Rigid

Front End: Indian Larry Twisted Springer

Wheels: Hand Spoked Wheels

Paint: Gold Metal Flake by Robert Pradke of Custom Auto Design


The Twisted Front End (copyright Michael Lichter)




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