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American Chopper Build Off |

American Chopper Build Off

Well I watched both episodes of the American Chopper Build Off and it was mostly what I predicted here. Of course both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. didn’t even really build their bikes they had their crews do it as they made very few appearances and of course neither of their bikes are actually ride able! As for Jesse, I do have to agree with Paul Jr. on one thing it wasn’t Jesse’s best work compared to his Motorcycle Mania and History of the Chopper Builds but it was 20 times better then what Paul Sr. and Jr. built.

Some of Jesse's best Work

Before I did watch this build off somethings surprised was I didn’t know that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. have two different shops since I have only ever watched one episode of American Chopper in my life. Most of the build episode was expected a lot of scripted drama between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. pretending to hate each other and get mad when one says something about the other online.

Of course Jesse had to be himself and trash talk the Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. even though I’m not huge on listening to trash talk I have to agree with what Jesse said; Paul Sr. and Jr. are not bike builders, they just order parts and put together show bikes that never actually get ridden and call themselves bike builders as where he makes most of the parts himself, he makes his own gas tanks, fenders and frames all from scratch and does all his welding. The only reason most people watch American Chopper is just for the Drama so thats what sells which is probably why Biker Build Off ended since it had true builders but it had no drama.

For the actual contest its self it was a big show inside the hard rock where the had the 3 builders on stage to trash talk and show old clips of American Chopper for an hour before they finally announced the vote.

Though I did agree with what Jesse said when he kept telling Paul Jr. that they should both go and ride there bikers before discovery announces the winners. Of course Jr. doubted Jesse’s could ride but I think hes proved that here  and here.

Overall I think a few things should of been done differently, First Thom Beers should of narrated it would of made things sound much smoother. 2nd A ride to Vegas all the way to the Hard Rock should of been part of the contest.(It was probably kept out since only Jesse’s bike could actually ride).

Lastly at the contest Brett Wagner should of been the host and for the 3 judges one guy from Indian Larry’s Shop, Cole Foster and a guy from Ironhorse should of been the judges so we have actually motorcycle experts not a actor from the show “Sons of Anarchy”.

Of course this didn’t happen since this was not Biker Build Off this was American Chopper so we got 3 total hours of Scripted Drama. The ending should of had this.

The real winner, the bike that can actually be rode



11 comments on “American Chopper Build Off

  1. Hi I just like to say you said you have only watched one show so I don’t think that you can judge these guys fairly.Paul Sr. and Jr. make there on gas tanks,fenders and much more and just for the record I voted for Jesse bike because I liked that one the best.This was a show to see who could build the best looking bike had nothing to do with riding them and the fans voted not the judges.There all bike builder but Jesse likes to do black smith work to if every bike builder did that you would not have enough money to buy one they would have to charge to much money for them there in it to make a living not just because they like building bikes.Jesse likes to talk to much trash and I think his head is a little big needs to let a little air out not saying that he is not a great bike builder he is but there are others out there that can build to.And for someone who does not like trash talk you sure did a good job trashing Paul Sr. and Paul Jr.

    • Who ever wrote that bikes that you will ride I voted for Jesse but shit I would ride that bike who the hell ride rigids I sure as hell don’t sell a whole lot of them on the road.I like the bike but lets face it boys that bike is not a rider either but to the closes bar.

      • Josh Courter on said:

        Hugh I am not really sure what you are trying to say, but if you are asking who rides rigid choppers try

        Cole Foster
        Hank Young
        Indian Larry did till he passed
        Kendall Johnson
        Ian Barry
        and 500 other well known chopper builders still build and ride rigid frame bikes.

  2. Josh Courter on said:

    I can tell your a new to Kustoms and Choppers Magazine and most likely by your post you don’t build bikes and you don’t ride.

    The reason that Jesse, Me, Eddie Trotta and about 99% of the Chopper Community do not like Paul Sr. and Jr. because they are not bike builders all they do is order parts from catalogs.
    Also you say Jesse James does blacksmith work and that if every bike build did that it would cost too much. Well guess what Hugh?

    Cole Foster, Hank Young, The Late Great Indian Larry, Kendall Johnson, Kevin Alsop, Ian Barry, the Late Great Denver Mullins, Chica, and hundreds of other true builders build their own Bikes from Scratch. All of them make their own parts and they build their own bikes.

    Now what I would do if you want to get into choppers check out this article
    to get an idea of what it takes to build a real chopper

    Also for more building info on the Hard work that goes into making real choppers check out the Jockey Journal Forums
    Club Chopper

    So what I think you should do is learn about what real choppers are and how they are made. You will so learn that there is WAY WAY more too a chopper than just looking good they have to be able to ride well and a rider should be able to stand up and balance at 100MPH. (Indian Larry did it)


    So I am hoping you take the time to learn about choppers Hugh and understand what makes a real chopper and what doesn’t.

  3. Your right I don’t build bikes but as for riding I been riding since I was 12 yrs old and have 3 bikes 2 Harleys and a Eddie Trotta chopper and like I said I paid more for my Eddie Trotta bike then for both of my Harleys.And Iam not trash talking these guys I think there all great bike builders but give credit were credit is due I ve seen both Jr. and Sr. build some neat stuff and some you could ride.I rather just put a great paint job and airbrush the hell out of it that is what I like.

  4. Josh Courter on said:

    Like I said you should take the time to learn about real Choppers. Sr. and Jr. are not real builders I can’t give credit to guys who build 90% of their bikes from Catalog parts sorry I just can’t. Its not what I consider real building, what I consider real building is the guys I mentioned above who take the time make their own parts and their own bikes from scratch and put effort and self respect in their work guys like Paul Sr. and Jr. don’t do that sorry.

  5. zeus540 on said:

    not only due the occ guys dont build true bikes, honestly i wouldnt be caught dead riding jr’s bike. to me it looked like a futuristic 1950′s style Schwinn. plus you would probably die, since the exhaust pipes were going through the gas tank. it was more a popularity contest then a bike build off. people think jesse is an asshole.so idiots and little kids voted for the son.well guess what he is , he is a badass..and he builds true badass bikes..he doesnt need a physical theme or object to build his bike to resemble. He has a gifted theme, that true bike builders only have…pure 100% American Badass.

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  7. Tyler O'Neil on said:

    Hugh Frank you must be new around Kustoms and Choppers. Kustoms and Choppers only covers choppers that are actually built from scratch and bikes that are actually ridable not bikes built from ordered parts.

    • L Green on said:

      I am a follower of the show but prefer cars to any bike , as a Cabinet Maker for over 20 years at the high end utilising
      Stainless steels, brass, copper, Ali etc etc I appreciate the eye for detail iand work that goes into anything anyone makes, this latest show and that’s what it is, a show, I thought PJD had the nicest bike cosmetically and like I say I know nothing about bikes but aren’t you supposed to be able to see over the handlebars? It would drive me mad not being able to take a long ride out and having to pier through the bars constantly! Or am I missing something here? The OCC thing was a joke and a wasted opportunity, possibly a sub conscious decision to build it so that no direct comparisons could be made so even losing he can say they don’t get it!
      All said and done all true craftsman would love to take the time and create every component themselves but those in business have to have a reality check and realise its not that you can’t make your own screws or bolts from steel but that it’s safer to buy in from a specialist who strength test or guarantee what you buy.
      If JJ had won he would bang on about the fans knowing what a true chopper is but as he didn’t I suspect they are all to stupid to know.

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