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Lamborghini Pro Street |

A Pro Street Lamborghini

Pro Street Lambo 1

No seriously there is such a thing as a Pro Street Lamborghini. Usually when one thinks of a Lamborghini they think of an expensive European car that is really driven and spends most of its life as a Garage Queen and the dragstrip is the last place you would expect to see one. Well this 1974 Lamborghini Countach owned by Ted of Wisconsin is everything a Lamborghini Countach isn’t!

A look at the Wheelie Bars and Chute of the Lambo


Power Plant: This one is powered by a Big Block Chevy 454 instead of the usual V12, the Big Block 454 has 8-71 Blower, Dart Aluminum Heads, Manley Stainless steel valves, Billet 2 key Crank, eagle H beam Rods w/ L19 bolts, 7.5 to 1 Forged blower pistons, Comp Blower Cam, 2

Holley 850 Double Pumper Carbs, which has a 3 radiators to cool this big block monster (one big one in the front and 1 aluminum radiator in each rear quarter panel). The engine makes an estimated 900HP double that of a Lambo V12.

A look at the 454 just after blower installation

A Closer Look at the 454 with custom Lambo Valve Covers


Transmission/Rear: All of this is hooked up to a TH425 Switch Plate Transmission

A Nice Drive by View I can see why people keep driving around in circles to look

Brakes/ Suspension: It has Big 11.75″ Corvette 4 piston disc brakes to stop all of that power with Koni Coilovers on the suspension.

"My Pro Street Ride ! When its out people flock to it like I'm handing out free money !"- Ted

The Pro Street Lambo also has the original Air Cond. and Heater, Alarms, CD Player and a Rear View Camera.

It is one hell of a car, Ted says when he is working on people driving by always stop to look it. One time while he was cleaning it 9 different people stopped to look it the car and talk! Others just kept driving around in circles to look at it!

"Hard car to work on! Had many cool cars over the years, wanted my last car to be a stand out, one of a kind car with all the bells & whistles, not just a differnent colored belly button car!"

One comment on “A Pro Street Lamborghini

  1. That is the most rockin car I have ever seen. Way to go Uncle Ted!!

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