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Top 10 Choppers |

Top 10 Choppers


For the past few years now I have looked for the 10 Best Choppers and I am surprised no one has made a list like this before. I couldn’t find any lists of the best choppers at all I started to wonder why that was. I decided I was going to make my own then since no one else has and while I was deciding and looking for bikes to include I realized why no one has done this yet! Its so damn hard just to choose ten Choppers because there are so many different styles and types of bikes its like finding the hay in the needle stack!

As for the 10 I have chosen, I can just say these 10 are the 10 best choppers, this is the list of how I felt at the time and I probably will do more lists with 10 completely different choppers later on, since there are so many choppers.


10. Kevin Alsop and Big Bear Choppers- The Athena- The Athena was  built for Discovery Channels Biker Build Off, and it is one hell of a bike! Its an all American biker built by an Aussie! The bike has an mean and aggressive look to it, which it achieves from its fire orange paintjob, devil inspired frames and handle bars that look like devils horns this is one badass bike!

The Athena


9. Jesse James-West Coast Choppers- Gold Digger- I swear Jesse James and West Coast Choppers are the only people who do not have a gallery that list the names and specs of there bikes! I had to youtube History of the Chopper for the name of it! Anyway this bike is one of my favorites from WCC, Jesse built this bike in History of the Chopper. The Front end of the Bike is built by John Harman and the Frame is a Frame Jesse Found at a swap meet years ago.

"Gold Digger" One of Jesses best Bikes!


8. Billy Lane and Choppers Inc- Money Shot- Now this bike has something really unique about it, and that is that its rimless! Yes the rear wheel has no rim! Other great things about the bike are the unique handle bars that go downward, the mirror is the silhouette of a hot girl, there is pin striping on the forks and sink knobs for gauge covers. Impressive small detail is what made this bike!

Who needs rims anyway


7. Chica and Chica Custom Cycles- Ace- I gotta say I love this bike! The Bike has that classic 50s and 60s look to it. With its black paint job with red white and yellow strips, its low, with short custom forks, has a smooth fuel tank, and it also features a cool bend in the frame that Chica is known for. Making this a nice one of a kind chopper!


6. Ian Barry and Falcon Motorcycles- The Black- Part of Falcon Motorcycles Concept 10 series, the Bullet was built around a 1952 Vincent Black Shadow engine. What makes this bike great is all of the  small details of every part on the bike. Just about every part is custom made and almost all of them are painted! The Black overall has a bit of a retro future style to it, The Bike is an antique art piece that is rideable!

Its the small details that make the Black Great

5. Chopper by Denver Mullins Built by the founder of the Chopper himself back in the early 70s. Denver Mullins was the godfather of the chopper, he started building Choppers back in the 60s, opened his first shop in So-Cal in the late 60s and created the Long Fork, smooth paint, Diamond Gas tank look that is still popular among choppers today! Little Known fact, even though Denver built Harley Choppers his favorite Motor by far was Honda! He loved Honda do to their cheap cost, durability and power!

Here’s more on Denver

Denver on his Chopper at his Front Lawn Circa 1970


4. Hank Young and Young Choppers and Hot Rods- The Flying Pan- What I really love about the Flying Pan is that it looks like an aircraft! (that explains the name). I love aircraft and aviation so this I really like this bike.The colors and the paint make me think of a WWI or a 20s barnstorming aircraft. The way the Fender and the Tank are shaped also look aircraft inspired. What stands out about this bike is the fuel tank hangs from the frame and it is under it rather then being on top of the frame. The pegs like like they are made from an old machine gun which ads a cool effect to the bike, I actually have heard a rumor somewhere that Hank builds his parts out of old aircraft and car parts! (Which I think is cool)!

Bandits! Twelve O Clock High!

3. Indian Larry and Gasoline Alley- Grease Monkey- Built in the 90s by the late great Indian Larry. The bike looks just like a 60s Hot Rod or Gasser, with its candy red paint job, white flames, the text have that 60s style fonts, the short front forks, and small style gas tank all make this bike look like its right out of the 60s!  Grease Monkey is a true tribute to Hot Rodders and Bike Builders! It even features Indian Larry’s Iconic paint on the transmission belt! Grease Monkey is a True Master Piece!

Grease Moneky by Indian Larry

2. Cole Foster and Salinas Boys Customs- The Beautiful Loser- It’s a Beautiful Winner in my book. It is one of the best motorcycles ever built! Its paintjob gives it a 60s Hot Rod look, which the ribbed fender and fuel tank add to. The “burnt orange” paintjob is flawless, along with the white. Another I really love is the rear fender is not just chopped but its also rounded and smooth giving the whole bike a nice clean look. Overall the Bike is a true Hot Rod.

A Beautiful Winner in my book! I believe its still forsale

1. Indian Larry and Gasoline Alley-Daddy O-  If I had to chose one bike in the world that represented what a Chopper is, I have to say it would be Daddy-O by Indian Larry! Daddy is the example of the perfect chopper! Well done, smooth paint, perfect lines and a custom engine! Everything about this bike is amazing, from the custom gas tank that flows perfectly with the bike, to the rear fender that helps with the lines, to the custom built frame that has perfect balance  to the even an engine that is a Panhead and a Shovelhead in one! The Paintjob and the bike was built as a tribute to hot rodder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Larry used Big Daddys character Rat Fink on the bike and metal flake paint like an Ed Roth Hot Rod.  Daddy-O really is the number 1 chopper!

“In God We Trust – Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord – No Fear.”


As I said before there are so many choppers that its overwhelming and more could probably go on this list. I spent probably about 2 weeks trying to come up with this list! There will be more Top 10 best chopper lists so look out for them!

12 comments on “Top 10 Choppers

  1. Thank you very much . This is a great honor. That bike is probably my personal favorite out of all the bikes I have built. I would have chose coles blue bike instead of the orange one. I also would have chosen Billy’s Devil in a red dress. Your right, picking only ten is impossible.

    • Josh Courter on said:

      Yes it is!Ill probably add those bikes on the next list, for cole I actually fliped a coin believe it or not lol.
      Hey Hank do you remember or still talk to a guy by the name of Tom Sapp? He said he and your dad where close friends. I featured some of his artwork recently.

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  3. GREAT REVIEW! I agree with all your thoughts you said in your article, especially at the end of your article. Thank you, your post is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

  4. Thank you Josh. You’re right; what a challenge to create a Top 10 Best list when there are so many amazing choppers out there. Good job and excellent choices!

    I intend to mail a hard copy of your great article to my brother Billy. He will be honored and pleased that you’ve included his beautiful hubless “Money Shot” in your Top 10.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Josh Courter on said:

      Thank you, there will be more Chopper Stuff to come so keep reading. Tell Billy that I am honored that he will be reading my article.
      There will be more Chopper articles to come so keep reading!

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  9. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved as a favorite for later!

    • Josh Courter on said:

      I am glad you like it, thank you for checking the site out. We are going to have a few more custom choppers later in the week.

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